When I was young I wasn’t in a lot of groups but my friends were and they had to do fundraisers for their teams. So I went with them to raise money by walking door to door selling candy bars or doing car washes. I helped out so much that team helped pay my way and let me go to state to cheer them on. So I’m a huge supporter if your kid knocks on my door….even if I don’t like what they are selling I will still usually give. I think there is a lot of life lessons in raising money for something you want.

So when I clicked on From the Heart Stamps to see if she had any new snowman I found a post from Faith asking for help to raise money for her daughter, Mekaela, who just made the All Female Hockey Team. They are traveling and need to raise money. So Faith is offering an AWESOME deal as an incentive. Go check it out (GO HERE) because if you love her stamps you will NOT want to miss this. I was most excited that she is including the COLORED versions of the stamps she is offering…she NEVER has colored versions so I was so on that!! And the most expensive is $20.00…which we waste on dinner at least once a week….so it won’t break the bank. Yes, you can give more but all she is asking for is $0-20.

If you are reading this and not into digital stamps you can still give by GOING HERE to her Snap!Raise page.

And you will get a receipt because it is tax deductible.